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Inspired Vizions offers original web sets, executive suites and exclusive use graphic designs for personal and commercial license or purchase







The graphics found at Inspired Vizions may not be altered in any way without my express written consent or purchasing the set and it's copyright. The exception to the rule is adding text to the blank buttons provided in the linkware sets. These graphics may not be distributed or included in any other graphics collection or gallery, neither online or otherwise (i.e. CDs) without my permission.

You must download the images you wish to use to your own server. Do not link directly to my images.

If you are a web designer and you wish to use my designs (either linkware or commercial) on any site you create, whether created for profit or not, you must contact me for licensing information first. Lastly, please do not take the graphics used on the Inspired Vizions website. They were designed by me specifically for Inspired Vizions and they are to be used on this site only.

These sets are free for use on personal and non-profit websites only, provided you place a link back to Inspired Vizions. If you would like to use one of my linkware sets commercially, please contact me for information. Some sets are available for non-exclusive commercial licensing, but not all. Please include the name of the set and the URL with all inquiries. A link back to Inspired Vizions is still required with commercial licensing.

All sets contain a matching logo image for linking purposes. You may also use the logo found below the menu at the left of this page. The logo must be placed on any and all pages which contain my graphics. Please do not place the link on a separate 'credits' page.

These sets may be purchased for use on personal or commercial websites. A link to Inspired Vizions is still required, unless you choose to purchase the copyright to the set as well. Pricing information and purchase options are provided with each set.



The Process

Before getting started with my creations, I love talking with people to understand everything about their business, wishes and needs. I'm concerned about every step of the process and have amazing understanding of branding, marketing and development.


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Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, suggestions and ideas.


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